Fields of Ash

Songs for Congregational Worship

Fields of Ash is a repository of contemporary songs designed for Christian church services. Resources on this site are available for free download and use.


Lyrics are displayed without repetitions as each song is selected, allowing worship leaders to check for appropriateness. Pre-chorus and chorus lyrics are italicised.

Feel free to make minor lyrical adjustments to suit your context. For example, if "hallowed be Your name" is preferable to "honoured be Your name" (as written), go right ahead and make the change. Altering "Jesus is risen from the grave" to "Jesus was resuscitated in the tomb," however, is not permissible :) Capitals on divine pronouns are included out of respect for those who see this as more fitting; feel free to remove them.

Scripture References

Key Scripture references are provided for convenience. Clicking the reference list shows the text for each verse. The verse text can then be clicked to open the relevant chapter in a separate tab.


  • mp3:demo-quality recordings
  • lyric:lyrics for singers & screen display
  • lead:single-stave melody with chords
  • chord:chord charts for musicians
  • score:piano sheet music
  • tab:guitar music
  • video:YouTube links

Who are we?

Fields of Ash are a bunch of friends from Sydney, Australia. The main contributors are Liz & Nick Potten and Callum & Owen Gibson.